I love her

They way she hugs me when she sees me. The way she holds my hand and doesn’t let go. The way she cuddles me and holds me tight. The way she kisses me like she means it, like its the last time we will kiss. The way she holds me as I fall asleep on her.There is honestly nothing better in the world than waking up next to the girl you love in her arms. I love my girlfriend. I love everything about her. She puts up with me , all of me and at the end of each day she loves me, that means so much to me.  

Hickeys all over my neck and scratches all over my body.

and on that note time to get completely fucked up and forget everything. Text me:)


I wanna make you laugh but I also kinda wanna make you moan.







Rules : Message me your phone number on anon, I’ll text you for a week without knowing who you are or what you look like to only get to know your personality . At the end of the week you can send me a picture of you

This sounds interesting.

Oh my god do it.

Do it! :)

Do it pls

YAS do it.

Lesbians welcomed

Anonymous asked:
I am in Austin and looking to get turnt want to meet up?

yeah i dont meet up w grey faces. hope you find someone to meet up w though


I honestly don’t think I can make out with someone for over a minute without it getting hella sexual.


them nights when you wish someone was just laid next to you cuddling you or just fucking the shit out of you

Anonymous asked:
I ship you and....

well I have a girlfriend so I am obvi shipped with her