It’s funny how things work out. How time changes. How people change. How people promise they would stay, but ended up leaving. How people that promised they wouldn’t hurt you, ended up hurting you. How someone you didn’t expect to fall for is the one you’re dating. How long term plans became something that’s never brought up to discuss again. How promise made, ended up being empty promises. How someone you used to call every hour is someone you barely know anymore. How doctors said they will find a cure and time ran out. You can pout. Be mad. Be hurt. Cry. Scream. Yell. Eat a gallon of ice cream. The truth is that it happened. Time changes people. People move on and find someone else. People will hurt you. People die. But you got to keep going no matter what, cause even though shit happens time doesn’t stop.

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I just wanna cuddle and make out tbh